Hello there, I am so thankful for you being here and spending time with me.

I am Olga Sandler-Certified Health and Life Coach, Certified Essential Oil Specialist, Reiki Practitioner and creator and CEO of Rekindle Your Wellness. This is a holistic health and wellness company that provides both services and products.

Health coaching is customized one-on-one individual, couples and group coaching as the perfect solution for you to focus on and up level your health and life. If you are stuck, plateaued or what you have been doing is no longer working, I invite you to experience this transformational coaching, motivating and inspiring you to get you where you want to go.

A lot of people live life as a chore, lost in their daily routine, not setting and reaching their goals. I can help to encourage and strengthen individuals and groups through health and wellness coaching that will gently and effectively inspire them to make lifelong changes for the better!

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My Approach

Through my journey in life I came to understand that medicine was just a small part of the puzzle when it came to improving health and well-being.

I empower individuals and groups to take the overwhelm out of habit change. We work together to create a healthy lifestyle, decrease stress, and find work/life balance. Most of all, I help to improve their overall quality of life by addressing goals and identifying the root cause of obstacles.

We will work together to:

  • Make YOU a priority in your life
  • Nourish your body and soul
  • Figure out how to make you the captain of your life
  • Get rid of aches and pains
  • Gain energy
  • Improve your sleep
  • Gain confidence

I can help you to become aware of the choices you are making towards healthy and fulfilling life. My programs include stress management, nutrition and physical health, and assisting people in reaching their best and most positive mindset.

My mission is to empower people to live energized, healthy, and joyful lives by discovering how to nourish their mind, body, and spirit.

My services can be provided virtually. I am able to cater to my clients all over the country (USA, as well as Canada) and other countries in the comfort, privacy, and convenience of their own home, office, or sacred space.

I’m also bilingual (English, Russian).


“When I started our consultations with Olga, I could not even imagine how much this would be informative, stimulating and what positive changes could occur. From session to session, not only my thinking, but also my physical condition was updated. Each session helped me to realize the need for change and deal with my inner world, to switch to new positive things in changing my daily life, accepting and drowning my attention (which is often forgotten in everyday routine).

Each and every one of our sessions yielded positive results that in the end, there was a change in my internal and external state. We often do not pay attention to many little things like nutrition, internal state (stress) in our daily life. But when during the sessions Olga was explaining to me what benefits you can have with a little effort on your part, the result exceeded all expectations. It was an amazing journey inward. I am infinitely grateful to Olga.”

Inna M.

“After working with Olga these past few months I found myself to be mentally calm. I am self confident in my actions and have positive thoughts. This in conjunction with diet and exercise helps me feel whole again. This all could not have come at a better time in My Life, Our Lives. I feel good even thou our world is in a crisis.”

Lori L.

“I have been working with Rekindle your Wellness and Olga coaching me for 12 weeks. It has been life changing for me! Diving deep into my feelings is not something I do, I just grab my food and snacks and shovel it in. Now I am more aware of what I am putting into my body and why. Olga taught me several ways to deal with my anxiety and stress in a healthier manner. She is wonderful!”

Kelly B.

“Olga has been more than a life coach but a beacon of light during my personal health journey. Her well thought out plans and guides helped me establish new life habits that enabled me to make healthier lifestyles changes and instill seeds that will transform into deep roots to my well being. Her guides have been effective and her method of coaching have resonated deep in body and soul. Her tone is very soothing which makes it easy to open up.

“In these 90 days I am much closer to my goals and have made much progress since day 1. She helped me pave the way to a better me and helped me recognize I deserve the best version of myself. I recommend her to anyone in need of a map to an overall mind/body transformation. I am very thankful for her inspiration, motivation and allowing me to recognize I am worth being loved.”

Rodina K.

“Olga has a natural talent in reflecting your true wellness so that you are motivated to create a better you. This journey with Olga is enlightening, informative and fun! Secure your sure shot at happiness and wellness with an experience in life coaching.”

Margaret K.

“I have the wonderful opportunity of knowing Olga Sandler both as a fellow coach in training and as a coach. Through my conversations with Olga, I have come to know her as a compassionate coach, who brings her vast personal experiences to help her clients rekindle their life by working on the wellness of all areas of life. She looks at the big picture of her clients story so that she can help them with the habit changes they need to make in order to meet their goals. She is a good listener and is very present for her clients, holding the space they need to uncover the solutions that work for them. She is so passionate about helping people that she is doing coaching mastery as well as working with a coach herself. A coach who seeks additional support so that she herself can grow and meet her goals, is a coach who definitely knows how to support her clients and help them meet theirs. You want to reduce stress in your life and rekindle it, Olga is the coach to help you do just that.”

Sridevi E.

“If you are looking for a specialist in Health and Life coaching- I would highly recommend Olga. She is very professional and very organized person. Before we started our session I thought that I know enough about health and how to relieve stress, but I was pleasantly surprised discovering how much I don’t know, and how much I would like to know during our session. The program was very individual and I felt special. Each meeting was well-informed and fun also! Thank you Olga! It’s been a pleasure to work with you!”

Svetlana B.

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